A New Family

2023.01.16 (Mon) 11am – “A New Family.”

Yeah~~ We got a new family at Rainbow United Methodist Church.

Authentic Korean Cake Now you can eat Authentic Korean cake in Portland, ME. They are preparing to open an Authentic Korean Cake / Dissert Store in Portland. Get ready to taste a variety of Authentic Korean Cakes soon. Actually, you’ll be able to order it now. Please ask me if you are interested in Authentic Korean Cake~

Prayer Request for Youth Leader or Pastor at RUMC – “I need Your Strong Prayers!!!” This family has three boys from elementary to middle school. I got excited to meet them at RUMC for the first time. God is opening a Youth Ministry at RUMC with this faithful family. Please keep Youth MInistry at RUMC in your prayers. I believe God will provide a good and faithful Youth leader or pastor for kind and faithful boys of God!!! Halleluyah~ Amen!! I need your strong prayers!!!

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