Korean Diaspora Family

I had another gathering with Korean Diaspora Family in Me. Two students who study in greater Portland area: Hye-eun is in high school and Yeseul is in college. The first meeting with with them reminds me my daughter, Grace who studies at Wheaton, Illinois now. My wife, Hannah asked Hye-Eun what she really wants to eat. Hye-Eun said “Bi-Bi-Bap” which is a popular and common Korean rice mixed with vegetables. I thought my daughter Grace also might want to eat Bi-Bi-Bap as well. Hannah invited them for lunch after Sunday worship because she must have thought about Grace and she wants them to eat what they want to eat (Korean food). This lunch gave me a mixed feeling about Korean students who study in America without their parents/family like my daughter in IL. It was another moving moment that made think about many other foreign students in foreign countries. They are all Korean Diaspora Families. I hope all of you felt like home here with my family.

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