The 2nd Companion Group

2022.09.07 (Wed) 2-4pm The 2nd Companion Group of Living Waters Circuit Ministry Wow! We sang five hymns together at the first gathering as a Companion Group. Everyone wants to sing their favorite hymns together. I could feel their love and hope for heaven while we were singing together. The members of this Companion Group came from Sanford, Springvale, and Biddeford, ME, Rochester, NH. They sing hymns together, gathering together, and eating together. The saddest part of today’s Companion Group is that I couldn’t take a picture of the plentiful food. The dining table was about to be broken (this is a Korean expression for plentiful food). We had a wonderful time of sharing each one’s spiritual journey as an immigrant in the United States from Korea for the last more than 50 years. The total years we shared today might be more than 250 years long. As we share our long spiritual journey together and reach a conclusion that the most important part of our Christian life is the time on the way from today, not the past. We commit ourselves to walk faithfully together on our journey as sojourners!

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