TV Mounting Day

Rainbow United Methodist Church, Portland, ME Finally, we got our TV screen for our Sunday Worship!! Yeah~~ Thank you so much for [Gary W Libby]([0]=AZVDOumD5IaNi6WA6tfQsLtjgBnXYOIQXw4ZaSqjFB25A9Bf5OlrsTHjnVWgpnjjvpzJ2z-vIGPmCuRyqXXOW1WTaATKguA0d2wegnXZZmSO0W3UpQK1VbWNaCcED3M4qhqfCB-nw03JKVvFbwyLNkcL&__tn__=-]K-R)’s researches, getting estimates from several companies, and all the arrangements! Eventually we ended up with buying 70’ TV at $595 on our own (actually Gary did it!) with the TV mounting service at Walmart ($79!!!, Gary found it as well!!). It would be okay to change our TV four times compared to the estimates from professional? companies. Gary! Thank You So Much for your hard work and delightful services for the church of God and people of God!! Many Blessings to you and your families!!!

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